Water and Wastewater Audit

Water and Wastewater Audit

Poluchem Laboratories offers water audits, wastewater management and engineering services to the process industries, amusement parks, animal & poultry farms, flats, hotels, hostels, hospitals or anyone using water intensive facilities. Water and wastewater audits are aimed to establish the water consumption pattern in the individual sections, bench-mark the consumption levels with respect to best international practices, explore various pollution prevention and wastewater minimization opportunities, establish the performance of the existing wastewater collection and treatment facilities and explore various wastewater recycling programs. Depending on the objectives of the water conservation and wastewater recycling programs, Poluchem offers comprehensive audits covering the following scope of work Our water audit services provide you with greater water efficiency solutions, cost savings and sustainable developments leading to zero discharge.

Our reports includes complete audit of your plant or site to understand your treatment needs, Lab reports related to all effluents and pollutants, Pilot-scale testing reports for further development of your process and practices. We can also help our clients for Design and engineering of cost-effective water treatment solutions and Construction management.

If you think you may have a requirement for any of our audit Services or would like to discuss to us, then please do not hesitate to contact 8281 98 2322 or e-mail to, one of our audit team members will be delighted to talk you through the process.

Service areas

  • All types of Industries
  • Amusement Parks
  • Animal & Poultry farms
  • Flats, Hotels & Hostels
  • Hospitals & Health clubs
  • Malls & Commercial Buildings
  • Site developers & Construction firms