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Food Analysis

Food Analysis

Poluchem Laboratories has state-of-the-art, highly sensitive laboratory instruments and exceptional expertise for reliably detecting undesirable substances, microbes and residues in food products as well ensure the quality and its composition of the product or raw material. We can test the safety of your products for allergens, pesticide residues, heavy metals, dioxins or other contaminants in trace level detection and identification of unknown residues up to PPM/ PPB levels, depending upon the sample and application.

All these analysis are tailored to the needs of each customer and have a range of test methods available to meet your requirements to comply with specific retailer standards. All these methods have been validated by national and international agencies such as IS, AOAC, APHA, ASTA, USDA, FDA, ISO, CODEX, BIS, PFA , Agmark etc. Please call 8281 98 2322 or email us at for our details.

Service areas

Poluchem provides testing of the following food samples

  • Bottled Water, Beverages & Soft Drinks
  • Bakery & Confectionary products
  • Canned & Processed foods
  • Cooked food/Raw food
  • Fats, Oils & Nuts
  • Herbs & Essential Oils
  • Jams, Juices & Concentrates
  • Milk, Cheese & other dairy products
  • Spices & Condiments
  • Tea, Coffee & Milk
  • Vegetable & vegetable products

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